1. A&B. 1&2. Catalyst & Reaction. Calamity & Peace. 

    Vermin & “I Can Barely Hold My Tongue”. 

    • Went to the bank to exchange anger with empathy
    • Trying to replace ‘FUCK YOU’ with “I wonder what kind of circumstances have lead you to act in the way that you do?”
    • Terrible exchange rate
    • But it’s not about the money
  2. They say patience is a virtue. They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I say you don’t know what you’ve got until you’re in a situation where you’ve got to give it. You can’t find out how strong or smart you are unless strength and smartness are being demanded from you, which is why challenges should be embraced in order to extract all the virtues and and the values that would otherwise remain sedentary.

  3. The place where people go when you IMMORTALISE them through writing, painting, interpretive dance etc. (dangerous territory)


  4. Mid-Semester PSA (070614)

    I think that it is important for you to know that you are doing a really good job. You’ve got so many stresses and messes to clean but you’re getting there. You’ve got the mops and brushes out- the spill is far-reaching but you’ve got a plan. The work/life balance is taking a toll but you’re surviving. You’re doing really fucking well. You’ve got a hive in your head buzzing with worry and doubt and fear and how to have a healthy lunch on a budget. Don’t let anyone underestimate your tribulations. Look at you, persevering. Stay motivated! You’re very good at what you do! Hard work brings reward and your work ethic is gonna bring you a jackpot.

  5. I used to feel this way but not anymore


  6. A good way to save money as a student is to make the decision to buy clothes that were ethically produced because they are so hard to find and pricey that in the end you won’t buy anything at all :)


  7. Oscar Key Sung is a God among mortals


  9. Post-Decision-Making-Inspo

    (Take deep breath).
    Remember that everything you have right now is exactly what you wanted. Remember that you’ve made decisions to better yourself and that is what you are doing. Remember to be honest with everyone, including yourself. The truth travels farther than a misguided herd of sporadic lies. The grass may seem greener on the other side but if you come closer you’ll realise it’s probably just artificial turf that someone has laid down to woo and fool you. Where you are is where you want to be. Remember why you left everything behind. Remember your pursuits and pursue them. Soon you will be occupied with yourself, just as you desired. Be comfortable and accepting, tolerating but not submissive. Have empathy and understanding. Make the best of every situation. Remember that everything begins in the mind. Find comfort in solitude. Find solitude in crowded streets. Find forgiveness and lose bad intentions. Shed your defence mechanisms because they are poisonous to growth. If it means thinking ill of another, avoid it even if it is to your advantage. Even though circumstances are often beyond your control, play your part in creating and maintaining a positive environment. Don’t fall into the pack mentality. Be welcoming. Associate with whomever you please- your happiness, search and discovery are worth more than the judgmental trails that follow you. Free yourself of hesitance and have faith in your intuitions. Be adventurous and worry less. Things will fall in place. Don’t be afraid of possibility. Let life excite you. Make plans and when they fall through, make more plans. Be patient. Assume good intentions. Contentment will find you.

  11. Peace is freedom of movement and expression. Peace is escape and peace is knowing the tide will never fail to rise and fall. Peace is the cessation of time atop a mountain. Peace is a frictionless dive out of your comfort zone and being submerged in the warm waters of the unfamiliar. Peace is trust and comfort and sometimes it is nothing but a distant objective. Peace is depth and clarity of perception and peace is silence that sometimes makes exceptions for gentle soliloquies. Peace is the reflection found in bodies of water and in the back of the mind. Peace is space, rare, and the indispensable foundation of bliss.

  12. The best part of watching the sun rise and set is that it serves as a very real, physical reminder that time is constantly moving forward and bringing you along for the ride. It’s one thing to listen to someone reassure you that ‘tomorrow is another day’ but a very different thing to watch this new day appear in front of you right before your very eyes. A fear of stagnancy needn’t be so potent because the earth is changing and by nature, so are you. Time will bring growth and change. The sun will feed you instincts while the rain saturates you with desires, and all you will need is to muster up the courage to act in accordance with the will of the world.

  14. Hot Chocolate mug

  15. Never a dull moment